Seminarie Economisch beleid

Academiejaar 2002-2003

Paul De Grauwe

Thema van het seminarie:

Globalisering van de economie


Dit seminarie heeft tot doel problemen rond globalisering te onderzoeken.

De studenten worden verondersteld rond dit thema te lezen.

Elke student zal ook een paper voorbereiden en presenteren rond een specifiek thema.

Een voorlopige lijst van thema’s is:



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The Debate on Globalisation:

Has Globalisation Gone Too Far?



Basic and

Policy Readings

(extracted from IMF: Factors Driving Global Economic Integration Michael Mussa. August 25, 2000)

Global economic integration is not a new phenomenon. Some communication and trade took place between distant civilizations even in ancient times. Since the travels of Marco Polo seven centuries ago, global economic integration—through trade, factor movements, and communication of economically useful knowledge and technology—has been on a generally rising trend. This process of globalization in the economic domain has not always proceeded smoothly. Nor has it always benefited all whom it has affected. But, despite occasional interruptions, such as following the collapse of the Roman Empire or during the interwar period in this century, the degree of economic integration among different societies around the world has generally been rising. Indeed, during the past half century, the pace of economic globalization (including the reversal of the interwar decline) has been particularly rapid. And, with the exception of human migration, global economic integration today is greater than it ever has been and is likely to deepen going forward.

G7 ministers confident over global economy FT Oct 1, 2002

Did D.C. Police Go Too Far? Wash. Post Oct 1, 2002

IMF HQ to Reopen on Tuesday After Envelope Tested Reuters Oct 1, 2002

Activists decry police intimidation in anti-globalization protests AFP Oct 1, 2002

Rhetoric, but Few Solutions to Ending Worldwide Poverty LA Times Sep 30, 2002

Environment Central to Protest of World Bank Meetings One World Sep 30, 2002

World economic chiefs struggle for unified message on global economy AFP Sep 30, 2002

Rich Nations Are Criticized for Enforcing Trade Barriers NYT Sep 30, 2002

G7 Communique: Econ Growth Continues At A Moderate Pace Dow Jones Sep 30, 2002

IMF Koehler Sees Widespread Risk Aversion But Urges Calm Dow Jones Sep 30, 2002

Anti-Iraq March Echoes Vietnam Tone AP Sep 30, 2002

Sluggish U.S. Economy a Global Concern NYT Sep 27, 2002

Protesters partially strip to protest Gap policies CNN Sep 27, 2002

World Bank's New Poverty Strategy Assessed One World Sep 27, 2002

Debt Relief at Core of Forum, Says IMF LA Times Sep 27, 2002

Group of Seven grapple with turbulent recovery AFP Sep 27, 2002

Finance leaders say world economy is bouncing back, despite crises AP Sep 27, 2002

Rich nations urged to lead on trade BBC Sep 27, 2002

300 Protesters Arrested in Capital AP Sep 27, 2002

IMF Hopes Meetings Will Bolster Confidence Reuters Sep 26, 2002

Protesters Pledge to Shut Down D.C. AP Sep 26, 2002

IMF chief says world outlook weaker, no need for gloom AFP Sep 26, 2002

IMF calls for 'better globalisation' BBC Sep 26, 2002

Global progress in slashing poverty CSM Sep 26, 2002

IMF Protesters Vow to Shut Down D.C. AP Sep 25, 2002

Canada to lead G7 countries in growth: IMF CBC Sep 25, 2002

D.C. Commuters Warned Of Major Tie-Ups Friday Wash. Post Sep 24, 2002

BoE's George: Global Demand To Pick Up Gradually Dow Jones Sep 20, 2002

Canadian economy won't be dragged down by U.S. weakness: report CBC Sep 16, 2002

US to Push for World Steel Trade Reform Reuters Sep 9, 2002

Agricultural nations launch campaign for global trade overhaul AFP Sep 9, 2002

IMF Protesters Plan Day-Long Strike in D.C. Wash. Post Sep 9, 2002

A diplomatic chess game that could not end in stalemate Guardian Sep 4, 2002

Earth Summit Rejects 'Green' Energy Targets Reuters Sep 4, 2002

Trade war threat rejected BBC Sep 2, 2002

World Bank Invites Protesters to Discuss Policies at Gathering Bloomberg Aug 30, 2002

WTO arbitrators allow EU 4 bln dollar retaliation against US: diplomats AFP Aug 30, 2002

U.S. Says Disappointed with WTO Sanctions Ruling Reuters Aug 30, 2002

Horst Köhler: The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the IMF April 2, 2001

Paul Masson: Globalization Facts and Figures IMF November 1, 2001

Globalization, Growth and Poverty: Building an Inclusive World Economy World Bank December 2001

The Fund bites back Economist Jul 4, 2002

Assessing globalization's critics: "Talkers are no good doers???" by K. Elliott, D. Kar, J. Richardson IIE Aug 1, 2002 (.pdf)

Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan: Globalization Fed October 24, 2001

BBC: Globalisation: What on Earth is it about? September 14, 2001

Accusing the IMF: Bad faith Economist Jun 6, 2002

A diary for 2002 Economist Jan 3, 2002

Anne Krueger: Supporting Globalization IMF Sep 26, 2002

Stanley Fischer: The Challenge of Globalization in Africa January 19, 2001


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Opinion & Editorial

Academic Research

Survey: Globalisation and its critics Economist September 27, 2001

Financial Times World Economy and Finance news and focus issues

Labor and Global Change Program Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Michigan

50 Years is Enough -- a coalition dedicated to the profound transformation of the World Bank and the IMF

Globalization in Historical Perspective: A High-Level Seminar IMF Aug 12–14, 2002

The Case for Globalisation Articles from The Economist September 23, 2000

United Nations Development Report: Globalization With a Human Face

Global Trade Negotiations Home Page by Dani Rodrik

Articles on Globalization. The Economist, October-December 1997 (requires a paid subscription to The Economist)

The Global Company: Business on a world stage A series from the Financial Times

World criminal court: No deal, says America Economist Oct 2, 2002

The fragile world recovery Economist Sep 27, 2002

Universal justice FT Sep 27, 2002

Globalization, Alive and Well NYT Sep 23, 2002

Global: The Great Global Policy Conundrum MSDW Global Economic Forum Sep 16, 2002

Global: Global Reverberations MSDW Global Economic Forum Sep 6, 2002

The bubble-and-squeak summit Economist Sep 5, 2002

The bubble-and-squeak summit Economist Sep 4, 2002

Summit targets FT Sep 4, 2002

Global: One Year Later MSDW Global Economic Forum Sep 3, 2002

A long way to go for a little success FT Sep 2, 2002

Earth summit: What difference will it make? Economist Aug 23, 2002

Hope versus experience FT Aug 23, 2002

Pakistan, India and America: An awkward triangle Economist Aug 23, 2002

Global growing pains Economist Aug 21, 2002

Shades of green FT Aug 19, 2002

Focus on famine in Johannesburg FT Aug 19, 2002

Ozzy Osbourne and the G7 Have Much in Common: William Pesek Bloomberg Aug 12, 2002

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Globalization and Inequality: Historical Trends by Kevin H. O'Rourke June 2001