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The Working Group Public Economics is part of the Center for Economic Studies, which is the research division of the Department of Economics of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium).  Information about the Economics Department can be found on the website of the Faculty of Economics and Applied Economics..

Research in the Working Group Public Economics covers a wide range of topics: social security and health insurance, public finance and the economics of multilevel government, personal income taxes, societal capital and economic performance measurement, social choice theory, welfare measurement and income distribution analysis, household behaviour modelling.  Next to its theoretical work, the working group has shown a strong interest in applying recent theoretical insights for the concrete analysis of public policy.  A microsimulation model (Aster) has been constructed to evaluate the consequences of changes in indirect taxes.  Non-parametric efficiency measurement has been applied to Belgian municipalities and tax authorities.  The working group has given scientific advice about the privatisation of Belgian public enterprises and about the introduction of market mechanisms in the Belgian system of health insurance.  On the Research and Members pages you find more information about the research activities of the members of the working group.

The study program of the Department of Economics contains quite a few public economics and public finance courses.  The Working Group Public Economics takes care of the option field "Economie en overheid" (Public Economics), which starts in the third year of the undergraduate program and continues into the Master of Science in Economics Program.  Have a look at the Education page for more information.


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